Recent Aggressive Coyote Reports Are a Reminder to Follow Wildlife Rules

Recent reports of aggressive coyotes from Vancouver to Arizona are a reminder to follow the rules from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife when it comes to discouraging coyotes. The fact that there is speculation that some of the coyotes may have become aggressive after ingesting human drugs makes the rules, especially those about feeding and trash, more compelling.

Rule 1 is never feed or attempt to tame a coyote. They are wild animals. not companions. Closely related is the plea to secure all garbage and waste including fallen fruit. Please cover compost heaps. Pets need to be indoors when night falls, pet food needs to be secured and do not leave pets or children unattended.

Homeowners are urged to have motion sensor liights around the house, trim ground level shrubs, and be aware that coyotes are more active at dawn and dusk and during the spring when they have young to care for.

Removing sources of water is recommended to avoid attracting them. Bird feeders also are a potential problem as they can attract squirrels and rodents which are coyote prey. If you have chickens or other livestock be sure the enclosures are secure.

If a coyote does become aggressive and follow you make loud noises to “haze” it. If there is a confrontation be sure to report it to fish and wildlife or to law enforcement.

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