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Indian Police Seize Whale Vomit

17 pounds of whale vomit have been seized by Indian police in a sting operation, news reports indicate. Although it sounds like a joke, the vomit, also known as ambergris, is worth millions of dollars on the open market. Ambergris contains ambrein an odorless alcohol used to make the scent of high-end perfumes last longer. The substance comes only from sperm whales who either vomit or excrete it. Collection is illegal in both India and the US because authorities fear whales will be killed for the substance because collectors won’t search for it floating in the sea.


Rome Wrestles With Wandering Wild Boars

Wild boars are abandoning parks in Rome to wander the streets of the city and rummage garbage bins to the consternation of local residents. An estimated 6,000 of the feral hogs are said to be roaming the streets at will enjoying Rome’s inefficient garbage collection. The city is beginning to fight back and the boars may find themselves on the menu of Roman restaurants as they do in much of Italy where locals enjoy hunting and eating the pigs.



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