Octopus Nightmare: Did Researchers Actually Watch An Octopus Come Out Of A Bad Dream?

Apparently it is possible that winding up as calamari can be an octopus nightmare. Researchers believe they have filmed an octopus waking up from a bad dream.

An octopus nightmare may seem a stretch, but since some researchers think they may have arrived from outer space. So why not a nightmare?

The report comes from Smithsonian and details research done byThe Rockefeller University about a now-deceased reef octopus named Costello. The research in question has not yet been peer reviewed and is highly speculative.

'He Wakes Up Kicking'; a man on the floor kicking his legs after waking from a nightmare; page 13 from the Witches and Old Women Album (D)
‘He Wakes Up Kicking’; a man on the floor kicking his legs after waking from a nightmare; page 13 from the Witches and Old Women Album (D) by Goya (Francisco de Goya y Lucientes) is licensed under CC-CC0 1.0 What a human nightmare looks like varies enormously. What an octopus dream about, or if it does, is largely unknown..

Costello was rescued after a bad encounter with a predator, the magazine said. Curiosity was aroused one morning. A researcher noted his tank was inky. That tank, which he shared with small harmless fish, was monitored by a 24/7 camera. Costello appeared to awaken suddenly and display defensive behaviors including the inking. There is speculation he was flashing back to the attack.

Costello died of natural causes a few months into his life in the lab. A review of the footage showed three similar incidents.

Octopus collage element, animal illustration
Apparently an octopus can have “active sleep”‘ meaning periods resembling REM sleep in human. The Octopus nightmare is a newly opened door.

Although octopi are now believed to be active sleepers, dream study appears nearly impossible. They seem to show active sleep patterns by changing colors at roughly 30 minuteintervals during a sleep session. It is thought to be something like human REM sleep. But rigging a spineless blob with electrodes to spot an octopus nightmare is beyond science today. It is also possible that the incidents were related to the disease that killed him. He may also have been suffering from senescence and lack or control of bodily functions. The researchers hope that other scientists will keep an eye on octopi and watch out for similar behavior.

Hubble Watches Spun-Up Asteroid Coming Apart
Hubble Watches Spun-Up Asteroid Coming Apart by NASA Goddard Photo and Video is licensed under CC-BY 2.0 Could an asteroid collision with theEarth have brought life to the planet? Some believe so.

Meanwhile there is speculation about where octopi came from. Some scientists argue for panspermia, the idea that octopi arrived on earth from outer space. That idea is borne of an accepted observation. Life on Earth appears to have burst forth suddenly and explosively. Some scientists think that life, or the most essential building blocks, arrived on as asteroid.

That asteroid crashed into the sea and took advantage of the hospitable environment of the ocean.

Proponents of the theory say that most of the earlier objections to the idea have been answered. It is now believed possible that life could survive on an asteroid and arrive alive on Earth.

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