Tests Aren’t Complete But P-22 May Be At End-Of-Life

P-22, who was captured yesterday because he was showing signs of distress, is in bad shape and may be facing euthanasia, it was announced today.

cars on the road
Busy roadways pose severe danger to many forms of wildlife, killing cougars throughout the state annuallyPhoto by Santiago Boada on Pexels.com

The report was made via a news conference about the cat. He is apparently malnourished and may have been hit by a car. Car accidents are a prime dangers for cougars in the Los Angeles region.

According to KNX News radio the cat is unlikely to be released. He may be able to live out his life in a sanctuary, euthanasia is a definite possibility. KNX quoted reports from Citye News service (CNS).

The radio station quoted wildlife experts:

“Nobody is taking that kind of decision lightly,” California Department of Fish and Wildlife Deputy Communications Director Jordan Traverso told reporters in a videoconference Tuesday.

“Everybody understands … the importance of this animal to the community and to California. And so if that kind of decision has to be made, I just want everybody to understand that it’s not something that’s taken lightly. It’s very deeply thought about. And if something like that does happen, we recognize the sadness of it.”

A close up of the powerful cat

P-22 showed signs of trauma which prompts the concern about a car crash. That has not been confirmed. He will get a CT Scan to to see if there are other injuries. He was “dramatically” underweight, according to officials. Results of other tests are pending to see if he has “old cat” diseases. P-22 is thought to be about 12 years old.

Yesterday we reported on his capture.

Of course life goes on and P-22 was once a kitten like these three. The trio was born into the difficult life in the Santa Monica Mountains within the Last few years NPS photo

The famous cat attacked companion animals and was spending too much time in urbanized areas. Authorities made the decision to capture and evaluate him.

His ultimate fate will be a decision made by wildlife experts veterinarians and possibly concerned citizens as the authorities are trying to reach the best decision for him.

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