It’s Anniversary Time At Wild Animal News! Thanks For Reading This Blog!

Just over one year ago, October 13 2021 to be exact, I started on this journey.

About 170 posts later I can say thank you to a small, but growing, audience.

Since I know almost all of my readers (someone in China I don’t know seems to read posts every time that nation is mentioned) I am especially glad for the kind words of encouragement I have received about the blog.

The vision I had for Wild Animal News is more or less what has turned out. I have discovered it is hard to reach many people I want to interview for direct comment. It has also been a challenge to do the infrastructure stuff – categories, blog rolls and general housekeeping. Much has changed in the world of journalism since I worked at it daily. Of course this blog was impossible in those days.

But many things have turned out well. I have found good sources of photos, made a few contacts I can rely on for stories, and generally had a good time.

I notice that I haven’t done too much about aerial wildlife. I intend to beef up that aspect. I also notice that the force of reality is driving a lot of contact about extinction, de-extinction, re-wilding and the shocking reality of human mistreatment of wild animals (all animals actually).

Overall it has been time well spent and I hope you and any new readers who join us, continue to enjoy the content and my effort to bring depth and more clarity to stories in the news.

Thanks again


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