Halloween At Wildlife Learning Center: “Creeptacular” Is Here

The Wildlife Learning Center in Sylmar is an accredited small zoo and rescue center in the San Fernando Valley.

This October, co-founders Paul Hahn and David Riherd are providing Halloween style entertainment and learning for the young and young-at-heart. “Creeptacular” is set from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. October 8, 15 and the 28-30th.

Gold-weight (abrammuo): scorpion
Scorpions are arachnids related to spiders. They grab prey with pincers and sting with the venom in their tail. Gold-weight (abrammuo): scorpion by Akan is licensed under CC-BY 3.0

Don’t miss out on all the Halloween fun! Join us for one of our Creeptacular evenings on select weekends in October. Enjoy spooky decor and lights, meet some creepy critters, and don’t miss out on our photo ops! Each child receives a complimentary goodie bag” According to the website.

Tickets can be reserved at the website.

WLC has a variety of birds, mammals, reptile and arthropods from around the world. Among the “creepy-crawlies” are Asian forest scorpions, desert hairy scorpions and rose hair tarantulas.

The Gila monster, (Heloderma suspectum) is the only poisonous lizard in the United States. It has four close relatives in Mexico and Guatemala, annualreportofbo1898smit_0501 by BioDivLibrary is licensed under CC-PDM 1.0

Beyond the Halloween creatures there are also servals, bobcats, lynx, foxes, pythons, Gila monsters and boa constrictors. Not to mention the birds and amphibians.

an tarantula crawling on the ground
Tarantulas are large hairy spiders. They inflict painful but not too poisonous bites. Unlike most spiders they do not spin webs. Photo by Josie Alheli Holgado Tupa on Pexels.com

WLC has recently returned to a more normal schedule following Covid-19 restrictions. The institution is a recent beneficiary of a fund raising golf tournament. Many zoos and rescue organizations were badly impacted by Covid Lockdowns and are trying to recoup losses while maintaining care for the animals in their custody. The fundraiser was backed by a pediatric urologist who began fund raising walks during the pandemic. WLC is accredited by by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) and is an active participant in conservation efforts for the animals in its care,

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