Wild Monkey Enters Medical Clinic In India To Seek Aid For Herself And Her Baby

The relationship of people and animals runs the gamut from cruelty to kindness. Many animals receive absolutely no compassion from humans. Others seem to get the help and treatment they need.

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Human Monkey relations are a puzzle. We share 96 percent of our DNA with distant primate relatives and more than 99 percent with our closest. Yet
we frequently mistreat our relatives. Both human and animal. Photo by Public Domain Pictures on Pexels.com

In Bihar, India a doctor at a human medical clinic noticed a wild monkey with a head injury carrying a baby with a keg injury. The monkey appeared to be waiting outside the clinic seeking aid.

According to the India Times, the doctor motioned the mother to come inside and she did. He then treated the mother and child for their apparently not-too-severe injuries. They rested in the clinic awhile and then left when they felt better.

group of monkey on dirt road
Monkeys such as these are up to 96 percent bio identical to ourselves. But we often see them as entertainment or a nuisance. Photo by vishnudeep dixit on Pexels.com

India has a complex relationship with its wildlife, especially monkeys. People and monkeys often clash. In Majalgaon, dogs and local langurs began to fight and the monkeys killed an estimated 250 dogs. The monkeys began to stalk children and attack adults. Authorities had to capture and deport monkeys in an effort to end the tension. But as the doctor visit shows, many respect and protect monkeys. Hindus worship Hanuman, a monkey god but apparently many others do not protect monkeys. Recently, we noted Indian officials were investigating the suspicious death of 24 monkeys found piled by the side of a road. Fould play was suspected.

selective focus photo of brown monkey
In fairness it must be noted that monkeys are strong and formidable opponents with agile brains and sharp teeth. Photo by Arindam Raha on Pexels.com

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