Animals Missing After Locks Cut At Wisconsin Zoo

Two large owls and two otters are missing after someone cuts the locks on their enclosure, according to police in Wisconsin.

two brown owls on tree branch
two great horned owls were among the animals that were released from theor enclosures. Photo by Dariusz Grosa on

The incident occurred at the Ochsner Zoo in Baraboo Wisconsin. The owls are great horned owls. Which type of otters were released was not stated except to note that the otters are “very friendly.” Zoo officials and police urged the public not to try and catch the animals if sighted but to call (608) 356 4895.

Although a number of habitats were tampered with only the four animals were missing. No animals considered a threat to public safety were released.

otter on a riverbank
Two otters were among the oanimals released. Photo by Ellie Burgin on

The Ochsner Zoo is a small facility with about 30 animal species living there. It receives about 40,000 visitors a year. Most of the zoos inhabitants are creatures that needed rehabilitation and cannot be released or rescues from the exotic animal trade. The zoo dates back to 1926 when it opened with two bear cubs and some fawns. Capuchin monkeys, wolves, llamas, goats, pot-bellied pigs and river otters are now among the inhabitants. It is an accredited facility that participates in Species Survival Plans with the American Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

small monkeys on wooden pillar
Capuchin monkeys are among the animals at the Ochsner Zoo, Photo by Italo Crespi on

Baraboo is a city of about 12,000 located on the Baraboo River in the south-central part of the state. It is perhaps most famous as the winter home of the Ringling Brothers Circus and the modern Circus World Museum. The Baraboo Police Department was founded in 1993 and has 318 sworn officers. Theft of exotic animals is a serious issue with some serious consequences.

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