News Roundup: Stories of Interest You Might Have Missed

Rarely Seen Deep Sea Fish With Transparent Head Caught on Film

The barreleye, a fish with a transparent forehead, is usually found abut 2,000 feet deep but divers with the Monterey Bay Aquarium recently filmed one far closer to the surface as they were undertaking a research filming project. The aquarium has been open since 1984 and focuses on marine life in Monterey Bay. The barreleye is a small fish, about 6 inches long.

Photo Courtesy Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

Singapore Authorities Sedate Lions In Airport

Two zoo lions traveling via Singapore Airlines decided to stretch their legs Dec. 12 and escaped their confinement, wandering around a section of Changi Airport’ before being sedated and held under observation. They are under the care of the Mandai Wildlife Group, owners of Singapore Zoo. The zoo claims to be the world’s premier rainforest zoo. The pair were part of a group of 8 big cats under the care of the airline. Singapore Airlines declined comment on the animal’s destination.

Pennsylvania Man Spots Rare Piebald Deer in Poconos Mountains

Piebald deer have a rare genetic deformity that leaves them with a splotchy coat that can vary in colors and sometimes is almost all white. If the deer in question has brown eyes and black hooves, however, it is not a true albino and is a piebald.

Marine Researchers Spot a Chunky Great White Shark

A “very chunky Great White Shark was recently spotted by researchers who speculated that the tubby titan terror had recently eaten a big meal. The expansive belly on the beast reportedly caused the marine researchers to do a double take and left them in awe. Great Whites are fearsome predators but not alone at the top of the food chain. A recent study has shown the sharks depart the area when killer whales arrive. Another study says the whales target the sharks and rip them open for their livers and other internal organs.

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