News Roundup: Stories of Interest You Might Have Missed

News Media Goes Crazy over “Mega Spider”

Yes, it is large, aggressive and dangerous but it wasn’t quite deserving of the feverish coverage it received. A larger than normal Australian funnel web spider was discovered and has made it way into a forever terrarium. But the media over reacted with head lines about fangs that can pierce fingernails, etc. For a more balanced view of the danger of spiders click here. For a list of the most dangerous click here.

Mother Chases Leopard to Rescue Child

The cliche that a mother’s love knows no limits saved the life of an Indian child named Rahul when a leopard snatched the young boy and carried him off. News reports say the mother chased the cat for up to a kilometer armed with a stick which she hit the cat with. Mother and child suffered injuries but survived the encounter.

Man Punches Cougar to Save Dog

Taking a risk for man’s best friend proves that some people feel the same way about their dogs. This Canadian man defended his dachshund with his fists a few years ago.

Bees Make Distinctive Sounds When Attacked by Murder Hornets

The now famous giant hornets from Asia, which the state of Washington is trying to eradicate, attack honey bees. The bees emit sounds that are described as “screams” or warning cries according to researchers. The hornets have recently been spotted in the Pacific Northwest and efforts are underway to try and prevent them from thriving.

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