News Roundup: Stories of Interest You Might Have Missed

Penguin Swims 1,800 Miles, Becomes Local Celeb

A young Adelie Penguin has made the 1,800 mile journey from Antarctica to New Zealand, only the third of its species known to have done so. The bird as been nicknamed Pingu by locals. apparently after a penguin themed television show. The Adelie was spotted on the beach looking fatigued and reluctant to return to sea. Pingu the Adelie was taken to a penguin rehab and later released.

Baleen Whales Eat Far More Than Was Believed – And That is Important

Baleen whales eat up to three times as much as previously thought – and the implications are important for the oceans and conservation. Baleen whales are 14 species of whales including humpback, right whales and blue whales. The study indicates a single blue whale eats up to 16 tons of small creatures such as krill and plankton a day – three times what was believed. Whale feces are a major driver in the oceans ecosystem and the new study is further evidence protection of whales is critical.

Huge Joro Spiders Invade Georgia

A genuine spider invasion is underway in north Georgia and so far reactions are mixed. Joro spiders, natives of Japan and east Asia, are believed to have arrived in the state in a shipping container in about 2015. This year the population has grown into the millions in north Georgia, which has a similar climate to Japan. The large orb weavers are building big webs all over the area and reactions are mixed. Many residents are killing as many as they can and the scientific community is uncertain. They appear to be harmless to humans and pets, but it is unclear what impact they may have on native species of spiders and insects. One scientist says since they kill stinkbugs they should be welcomed, others fear they may eat beneficial creatures.

Peruvian Family Discovers New Pet is Not What They Thought

A Peruvian family fell victim to illegal animal trafficking when they bought what they thought was a puppy. They named their pet RunRun and all was well for a short period until the animal, actually an Andean fox, began killing local farm animals. The puppyish look that fooled them disappeared and RunRun was obviously a fox in the time before he ran away. Now he is being sought for relocation to a shelter as his proximity to humans makes him a bad candidate for release into the wild.

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