News Roundup: Stories of Interest You May Have Missed

Iowa Yanks Breeder’s License over abused puppies and dogs

Lions Tigers and leopards are not the only victims of the breeding crisis. Iowa has recently yanked the license of a breeder for breeding puppies in terrible conditions. This news comes on the heels of Tiger King Rescue in which The Wild Animal Sanctuary has removed 141 big cats, bears and wolves from Joe Exotic’s wild animal exhibits.

Cancer Survivor Mauled By Bear, Saved by Husband and Son

A woman battling cancer was mauled by a bear that found its way into her kitchen. The woman survived serious puncture wounds. She was rescued by her husband and son who drove the bear away.

Research now shows spiders are so scary they scare other spiders. Apparently spiders run away when other spiders are put in front of them. In other research, human fear of spiders is proven to be inborn. Babies as young as six months show anxiety reactions when shown pictures of spiders, reactions they don’t show when other animals are shown to them.

Maine’s iconic puffins have had a bad year, as their reproduction rates have fallen. The decline in the numbers of their favorite fish appear to be to cause of the decline.

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